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Sam među pet devojaka: Prava slika porodičnih avantura iz ugla iskrenog tate sa četiri ćerke (FOTO)

Sajmon Huber je poznat kao Tata devojčica, koji redovno beleži, kako fotografijom, tako i slikom, sve interesantne momente iz života sa svojim voljenim princezama.

  Izvor: Foto: Shutterstock

Kada se jedan tata nađe među pet omiljenih žena, to mora biti zanimljivo. 

Sajmon Huper je tata koji se nalazi u neobičnoj i veoma interesantnoj porodici, a ne libi se da konstantno govori o tome. Ovaj tata ima četiri ćerkice sa kojim svakodnevno uživa u raznim aktivnostima. 

Sajmon, poznat kao Tata devojčica, redovno deli fotografije svojih avantura sa devojčicama na svom Instagram nalogu. Oduševljeni pratioci obožavaju njegove fotografije, a naročito opise koji ih prate.

Uz svaku fotografiju nalazi se i interesantna priča koju tata iskreno deli sa svojim pratiocima, a koja nam pokazuje pravu sliku neke situacije bez imalo ulepšavanja. Protkane su humorom i dečjom prostodušnošću koja vas ne može ostaviti ravnodušnim.

Pripreme za spavanje

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"Right, are you all ready for bed?" "No." "Please just stay in bed, it's taken ages to get you in here - just tell me what you need & I'll get it." Too late, she's already gone and legged it down stairs, leaving my sprawling on the floor after a miss timed tackle. After some smashing & shouting, Delilah returns with an umbrella and sunglasses. "Why?" "Because my beds too hot & I want to stay cool" Sure. Toddler logic is wonderful. Not sure if she meant 'querky cool' or 'temperature cool', but she nailed both in one go. #toddlerbrainsaremad #nothrowingshade #keepingcool #bedtime #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

Објава коју дели Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters) дана 13. Мај 2019. у 12:28 PDT

"Da li ste sve spremne za spavanje?" "Ne."  "Molim vas ostanite u svojim krevetima, stvarno mi je mnogo vremena trebalo da vas smestim. Recite šta treba, sve ću vam doneti tu. " Previše kasno, ona je već ustala i sišla sa sprata. Nakon ispuštanja i lupanja nekim stvarima, vratila se sa kišobranom i naočarima za sunce. Stvarno sam se zapitao zašto. "Zato što mi je u krevetu previše toplo, a ja želim da se rashladim." Logika mališana je zaista neverovatna.


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One moment I'm method acting the crap out of my role as a granny named Lucy at an exclusive tea party hosted by the twins, the next they've abandoned me quicker than the entourage of a celebrity embroiled in a sex scandal to act out scenes from a budget version of king Kong. In that moment, I transformed from being an engaged parent to a 36 year old man in tent who's been left ponder his life choices whilst talking to himself in strange accents & drinking air from a wooden cup. Isn't parenting wonderful. There's a long list of things I've continued to do when the those with the attention span of an senile goldfish decide to sod off that includes colouring, Lego, playing with dolls & simple puzzles that I time myself to complete because, well, why not! Who else has been dumped mid play & continued on your own? #abandoned #budgetkingkong #thisairislovely #maninatent #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

Објава коју дели Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters) дана 4. Мај 2019. у 12:41 PDT

U jednom trenutku sam u ulozi bake Lusi na ekskluzivnoj čajanci bliznakinja, a u drugom su me tako lako napustile.. Transformisao sam se iz posvećenog roditelja u tridesetšestogodišnjaka koji u šatoru pije vazduh iz drvene šoljice. Zar roditeljstvo nije savršeno?

Povezane vesti

Dosađivanje ljubimcima

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If dog bothering was a business , my 2 youngest daughter's would have set up a garage based business, taken it to kick starter, gone viral and spread internationally, floated on the stock market and retired as self made billionaires all in the the space of a week. They'd then spend the rest of their days drifting around the Mediterranean on 2 massive matching dog shaped boats after writing a hugely successful auto biography called "the secrets of dog bothering by the people who invented it" . Poor Pablo can't even eat in peace without surround sound and visuals of the twins up in his grill - he is literally loved from all angles all of the time. It's tough being the favourite pabs, take from me, I used to have that crown until you came along! #dogbothering #entrepreneurs #upinmygrill #surroundsoundtwins #twins #puppylife #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

Објава коју дели Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters) дана 11. Мар 2019. у 1:44 PDT

Kada bi dosađivanje ljubimcima bio posao, moje dve mlađe ćerke bi pravi biznis napravile, brzo bi se širio i postao internacionalan, a za sedam dana bi se uveliko penzionisale kao maleni bilioneri. Mogle bi da napišu i uspešnu autobiografiju pod nazivom "Tajne o dosađivanju psu od onih koji su to izumeli". Mučeni Pablo ne može na miru ni da jede od bliznakinja. On je bukvalno najvoljeniji od strane svih anđela u kući. Nekada sam ja nosio tu titulu...

Odlazak zubaru

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Will any of my daughters follow basic instructions when I dish them out and then repeat them like a skipping record until I bore myself? No. Will they become compliant balls of putty that perform tasks like a well trained seal when asked by a complete stranger in rubber gloves who's wielding a sharp implement? Yep, all day long. In fact, Delilah was obviously experiencing some sort of Stockholm syndrome during her check up as she gazed at her interrogator longingly in the eyes for the entire duration of this check up which was frankly weird to watch. Kids really do do anything for a sticker these days - at least she wasn't scared I guess, it's just a shame a family check up takes half a day now and involves up taking up an entire waiting room! #stockholmsyndrome #smile #dentistcrush #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

Објава коју дели Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters) дана 22. Феб 2019. у 12:29 PST

Da li će i jedna od mojih ćerki slušati instrukcije koje im neprestano ponavljam? Ne. Da li će postati poslušne devojčice i prave istrenirane fokice kada ih potpuni stranac sa rukavicama i oštrim predmetom u ruci upita da urade nešto? Da. 

Ljubav i zaštita svojih devojaka

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As a father of daughters & a family made up of 83% girls, I feel a big responsibility to make sure that all the women of varying sizes in my life grow up in a world where they are seen as equal and not objectified, so today after reading that sexual harassment in public is on the rise, my blood began to boil as the sad fact is that it's a proportion of my sex that's to blame. Call it locker room mentality or toxic masculinity or just call it being classless dicks - its certainly men that have to change. New legislation is all well & good but that only comes into effect after the act of harassment is committed. What we need is strong men to stand up & bring about a culture change and to not be afraid to say "that's not right" when they see or hear something that they know to be wrong, even when amongst friends. If they don't they are reinforcing that behaviour & are complicit in making life uncomfortable for another human being. Every woman is someone's daughter, sister, wife or mother and more importantly a person, so don't let tossers belittle them, threaten them or make them feel worth less than they are. Men - we have to be the change. #formydaughters #fodandproud #noplaceforharrassment #standupandspeakout #mygirls #fatherofdaughters #fod #dadlife #instadad

Објава коју дели Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters) дана 23. Окт 2018. у 12:30 PDT

Kao deo porodice koju čini 83 posto devojaka, osećam ogromnu odgovornost da obezbedim da žene svih veličina u mom životu rastu u svetu gde su potpuno jednake i gde se ne posmatraju kao objekti. Danas, pošto sam slušao koliko je seksualno uznemiravanje u porastu, krv je počela da mi vri jer pripadam tom polu. Zaista, muškarci su ti koji moraju da se menjaju. Ono što nam je potrebno su jaki muškarci koji će istupiti i doneti kulturu promene, koji se neće plašiti da kažu da nešto nije u redu i da mora da se promeni... Svaka žena je nečija ćerka, sestra, supruga ili majka, a što je još važnije, ona je osoba, pa ne dozvolite da ih neko maltretira i ponižava. Muškarci, moramo da se promenimo!


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